Understanding Money – Never Make an Uninformed Financial Decision Again

Understanding Money, the first book in the five part series was released on Amazon yesterday. You can purchase a Kindle version or a paperback version. Get more details here.

This book is the first in my five part series on personal finance. This book will begin to get you thinking about your attitudes and beliefs regarding the basics of personal finance: money, earning, spending, saving, and investing.
I am happy to say that readers of drafts of this book have shared that they used the book as a valuable discussion tool for the family. In enabled them to open up about their attitudes towards money, learn from one another, and “get on the same page” with regards to the family’s financial goals.  Once we get enough readers we’ll be opening a discussion board on this site to further  benefit from each others’ wisdom on the topic.

In thinking about the topics brought up in the book, you will begin to understand how your beliefs shape your financial behaviors  for better or worse. This book is the foundation for all the information and discussion contained in this personal finance series. Continue your journey through all five books and you’ll be certain to Never Make an Uninformed Financial Decision Again.

Who am I?

My name is Hayden Burrus. I am a Financial Coach and founder of Forward Financial Planners, LLC. Each week for several years I have educated and informed readers of on personal finance topics with the goal of enabling readers to manage their finances intelligently without the assistance of a financial adviser.

Why Write This Book?

I’ve met financial advisers who have stated “I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t need more life insurance”.

I’ve met advisers who recommend widely discredited investments that underperform and have expenses 10x as large as the do-it-yourself options.

I’ve met advisers who hide from their clients the fact that they are being paid to recommend financial products. I’VE HAD ENOUGH and I want to help free investors from those advisers.

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